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Hi Asterians!

Our scheduled server maintenance has completed. Please make sure to restart your Launcher.exe in order to get the latest client update. If you are facing issues updating your game client through our Launcher, please download our manual patch and extract it in your game directory.

We are now on Season 19 Part 1-3.

Some of the notable changes:
- New 5th Class & Quest for all characters
- New 5th Skill Tree (Ability Core)
- New 5th Wings and Wing Core
- New Ability Cards
- Extra damage type for characters: Nuke, Bolt, AoE
- New attributes in character extended statistics window
- Extra damage for monsters
- Fusion skills for all characters, combined effects of different skills with renewed visual effects
- Giants: three types of improving moving speed robots
- New mxies of wings and cards
- Corrected Explosion Debuff Damage type from pink (reflect) to white
- Corrected attributes of some monsters
- Corrected selected item names
- Fixed AG not being consumed properly when Grow Lancer is being attacked
- Fixed Range of selected knight skills was improperly increased after use of Sword Fury buff
- Fixed Selected AoE skills of Dark Wizard did not do any damage
- Fixed Randomly occurred disconnection was possible during move between servers
- Fixed Drop from certain monsters could be lost when Top/Last Hit Player was no longer present in game
- Fixed Sword Fury buff range increase was not applied correctly in certain cases
- Fixed Reward from Boss Battle Together event could be issued improperly at specific scenario
- Icewind Valley event moved to Channel 10

More details will follow.

Kind regards,
Asteria MU Team

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Ice Wind Valley
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Boss Timers
  • KundunEvery
    Starts1 hour
  • ErohimEvery
    Starts12 hours
  • NightmareEvery
    Starts6 hours
  • SelupanEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • MedusaEvery
    Starts1 hour
  • Lord SilvesterEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • Core MagriffyEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • Lord of FereaEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • NixEvery
    Starts3 hours
  • God of DarknessEvery
    Starts3 hours
  • MinibossesEvery
    Starts1 hour