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Hi Asterians, we are now on Part 2-2!

Our scheduled server maintenance has completed. Please make sure to restart your Launcher.exe in order to get the latest client update. If you are facing issues updating your game client through our Launcher, please download our manual patch and extract it in your game directory.

Fixed use of Dragon Violet skill could crash game client rarely
Fixed use of Dragon Violent skill resulted in unexpected flinch effect on selected monsters
Fixed Spear Storm skill was missing explosion effect on last barrage
Fixed DebuffApplyRes monster attribute did not apply properly to upgraded debuffs
Fixed Freezing Debuff Attack Speed reduction was improperly applied
Fixed monsters' attack speed becomes abnormal after use of freezing debuff
Fixed inability to use certain custom jewels on mastery fairy shields
Fixed impossibility to unsocket certain seeds from items
Blocked ability to use expirable items along with Pet Trainer mixes
Fixed Elemental option being added upon creation of 4th wings
Disabled visual effect of selected skills/buffs during Chaos Castle event to prevent targeting abuse in PvP
Fixed Self Defense getting activated in unexpected situation preventing normal PvP flow
Fixed Illusion Avatar of Illusion Knight could be used to abuse PvP
Added visual effect while bundling items via inventory bundle option
Fixed selected mixes could be abused when mixing expireable items
Fixed options of guardians continued to apply effect after guardian item expiration
Fixed possible party matching issues when party was created trough different channels
New Character Renewal, introducing Combat power to Knight, Magic Gladiator, Rage Fighter and Slayer classes
New Guardian: Ur and Ur (Rare)
New 6th mastery Earrings: Binding 
New Bloody Tarkan map and Bloody Tarkan monsters
New grade of Muuns: Tempest
New Mastery Horn Mixes
Renewed Wings Chaos Mix interface
Renewed Wings Combinations
New Wing Voucher Exchange system
New Daily characters creation limit

Kind regards,
Asteria MU Team

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Ice Wind Valley
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Event Timers
Boss Timers
  • KundunEvery
    Starts1 hour
  • ErohimEvery
    Starts12 hours
  • NightmareEvery
    Starts6 hours
  • SelupanEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • MedusaEvery
    Starts1 hour
  • Lord SilvesterEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • Core MagriffyEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • Lord of FereaEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • NixEvery
    Starts3 hours
  • God of DarknessEvery
    Starts3 hours
  • MinibossesEvery
    Starts1 hour