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CountryClassCharacterResetsGrand ResetsLocation
1Luminous WizardzShenLong780Devias
2Luminous WizardKunn9163Nixie Lake
3Luminous WizardIronMan2360Noria
4Luminous WizardKDAnhHung2858Raklion
5Luminous WizardxGon052Deep Dungeon 4
6Luminous WizardVampire8244Ferea
7Luminous WizardKDCaCao10042Deep Dungeon 3
8Luminous WizardLeoBack10040Nixie Lake
9Luminous WizardMaglowrist039Lorencia
10Luminous WizardLooked10037Ferea
11Luminous WizardMrMAGE9036Deep Dungeon 3
12Luminous WizardThitCho10034Deep Dungeon 2
13Luminous WizardWitchKing1434Kubera Mine 4
14Luminous WizardMenPhis8829Ferea
15Luminous WizardKuTo2327Noria
16Luminous WizardUHPTool6726Noria
17Luminous WizardAegonKM2326Lorencia
18Shining WizardKunIun2226Aida
19Luminous WizardFame10022Ferea
20Luminous WizardDarkWiza1121Deep Dungeon 1
21Luminous WizardZzGiozZ7318Kubera Mine 1
22Luminous WizardGAMEHOME2218Noria
23Luminous WizardNESCAFE518Nixie Lake
24Luminous WizardKenshine9317Lorencia
25Luminous WizardSofm2016Ferea
Last update on 29 Jan, 2022 - 05:12 AM

Castle Siege
Castle Owner
Guild Master
Battle Begins In
Ice Wind Valley
Castle Owner
Guild Master
Battle Begins In
Event Timers
Boss Timers
  • KundunEvery
    Starts1 hour
  • ErohimEvery
    Starts12 hours
  • NightmareEvery
    Starts6 hours
  • SelupanEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • MedusaEvery
    Starts1 hour
  • Lord SilvesterEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • Core MagriffyEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • Lord of FereaEvery
    Starts2 hours
  • NixEvery
    Starts3 hours
  • God of DarknessEvery
    Starts3 hours
  • MinibossesEvery
    Starts1 hour